Hi, I'm Deborah and I'll be your photographer!

I am a wife, mom, and lover of the outdoors, especially when I have a camera in hand and my husband beside me. Photography chose me when I was about 10 years old and I embraced it.  Photography gives me balance, and perspective and allows me to see the world and people from an exciting perspective. I'm doing something I'm passionate about and to me, that is the best thing ever. I love building new relationships and creating something for my clients that I'm proud of, and shows my passion for photography. When I finally stopped turning down offers to photograph weddings, I realized creatively, that this is where I want to be! They're full of love, energy, and passion and that's exactly how I feel about my life and so when I can capture that about people, I know I'm in the right place!

My landscape photography has been adjudicated in the professional category by the Professional Photographers of Washington of which I am a member,  and I am also a member of the Professional Photographers of America. It is through these two organizations that I have been privileged to meet some incredible photographers in our area who form a group of people who boost each other up and also provide ongoing education and workshops. My photography continues to evolve, as I constantly challenge my knowledge, embrace new trends and work with the most up-to-date gear.

I am based in Spokane and deliver wedding, senior portrait photography, and family portraits. I pour my heart into your finished product from pre-planning to photo delivery.  I am super flexible and don't mind a drive in the car. I travel often with my husband taking landscape photos and just taking in our beautiful world, whether it is the Oregon Coast or parts of Europe. One of my favorite landscapes is to capture the Milky Way or the Aurora Borealis...nature is unpredictable;   I cherish every moment I can pursue the Heavens above us and the earth beneath our feet.

 Please fill out the contact form or call me and let's start planning your photography to tell the story about your special day!

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